Wwoofing Our Way In

When I got back from Hawaii, I told my husband about my latest discovery- Wwoofing.  I learned, while staying in my first eco-cottage (which was way cool and seriously eye-opening), that there were people who traveled around the world using a work-trade program called wwoofing.  This is where you work on an organic farm in exchange for room and board.  I felt so confused as to why I was never informed about this program!

And then I remembered that I grew up in Connecticut and I was taught that the mere idea of an outhouse was deplorable- never mind one that turns your poo into fertilizer!  It still makes me laugh when I get a funny look from a friend or family member when I say share our plan to work on a farm.  I am actually a bit sad that people in my life are so surprised that I am interested in or capable of such an endeavor!

The circumstances, accommodations, workload, hours, and food provided to you can vary quite a bit.  We signed up “as a family” on wwoofhawaii.org and recently I have been sending emails to a number of farms/communities on both Maui and Oahu in search of a place that can accommodate our semi-complicated family.  This turns out to be so much harder than I bargained for.  Either the locations aren’t equipped for kids, or they aren’t prepared to take our dogs.

Back to the drawing board…. but keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime!