The Reality Creation “Time Delay”

I have a little trouble, as many people do, grasping the whole concept of “living in the now”.  The idea of creating your own reality, as I understand it, is living in the moment in every aspect and in every moment.  This concept also includes the notion that everything  we experience and encounter is of our own creation, something we bring (create) into our existence for one reason or another – at any given time.  Many writers and life-coaches that practice this will often discuss this thing I know as a Time Delay.  Basically, there is a delay in time between the people and circumstances we want to bring into our lives because, if there were no delay, we would all be living in chaos every minute of the day.  Think about it, if every desire (or undesired) came our way as soon as we thought of it – it would be pure chaos due to the swinging thoughts and emotions that drive many of these desires.  It is also a great reality check of what we really want and what we don’t really want, as well as which areas of ourselves harbor incredible resistances with regard to things we desire.

Example: You want a dream job doing _______.  You have a current job, you aren’t happy there, yet you are not making the effort or taking the necessary steps to find this dream job.  Perhaps this is because you don’t actually think you deserve it or you don’t think you can actually obtain it.  Without the belief that you CAN have this job, you will never get it.  However, if you don’t demonstrate your belief in having it (aka giving notice at your current job, preparing for the new job) you still won’t obtain it.  You must act and feel as if you already have it – and you will.  Now, imagine that you lost your job moments after dreaming about this ideal position you really want.  Are you ready for it?  Probably not…

About two months ago, I started a new job with an insurance defense law firm, which is my favorite area of the law!  After a few weeks in this position, I started to think “oh my god, I don’t want another desk job!  This is not what I am meant to be doing!”  I verbalized this a handful of times and my enthusiasm for the job quickly dwindled.  Two weeks into the position, I was let go for no apparent reason other than it just “wasn’t a good fit”.  When I left work, I was bawling and was in total disbelief.  I was the only provider for my two girls, the only one who paid the rent, and my source of income had just vanished.  I was scheduled to go pick up my brand new car that afternoon after work and I was totally mortified on all ends.  After about two hours of telling myself, “this is what you asked for, you want to work for yourself full time and you got it”, I felt collective and grateful for the opportunity to leave this job without having to quit.  I even went to my appointment with the car dealer that afternoon and discovered that the car I was about to buy wasn’t even what I *really* wanted.

I didn’t understand the meaning and importance of a time delay until this experience.  I did, however, walk away with knowing two important things.  1: I rock at manifesting what I want.  2: If I am prepared to receive what I truly want, I will be ready and waiting, not caught off-guard.  As of today, I am home full time and working for myself.  Most importantly, when I meet new people, I am happy when they ask me what I do for a living and I can respond  “I work for myself!”


Reality Creation & The Red Wolf

Admittedly, this is a pretty “outside of the box” sort of post.   Try to follow, if you can!

I recently read “The Map” by Boni Lonnsbury ( and it has been turning my world upside down.  This particular story is something I feel I must share!

Seriously though, this book has caused total chaos in my personal and professional life… in a GREAT way!

This is the first reality creation book that has really struck a cord for me, causing me to meditate more regularly (and enthusiastically!)  and really allowing me a better look at my views/perspectives on the world, as well as on myself.  Not only have I successfully identified some of my most complicated core beliefs and resistances, but I have learned how to change them!  That’s not all – I have been seeing immediate results all around me ever since I started.  I am currently in the most wonderful position at a new law firm, have made several new friends just in the last week, get complimented by total strangers at least twice a day, and even appear differently to my own eyes every time I look in the mirror.

Do I have your attention yet?  Just wait,  It gets better.

The other day, I was sitting in traffic and feeling a little down.  I turn off my audio book and I think to myself, “You need to figure out what is holding you back and what is holding you in such a negative place.  What resistance is causing this?  I think I know what it is … you don’t think you’re in control of your universe – you don’t actually believe in reality creation, even though you desperately want to”.

For the record, I didn’t actually talk to myself, just my thought process here.

And then it happened… I look to my right, where there is a field of farmland… and I see a wolf.  There is a wolf walking around these small sprouting trees and it turns in my direction just long enough for me to see the face.  My heart nearly jumped through my mouth and I said aloud, “holy shit is that a wolf?!”.  I watched it for a few moments and then traffic started to move, prompting me to continue on to work.

Thanks to Google, I did determine that I had just seen a red wolf.  So, just so you can fully grasp the magnitude of this experience, please know that there is an estimated 300 of these creatures on the entire planet and they are considered to be critically endangered at this time.  There are no known populated locations outside of those in captivity.


And there you have it, folks.  My mind has been blown.