Have I mentioned that I met the Dave Matthews Band?

In the coming weeks, something urged me to read a book I had downloaded many months ago but “never got around to reading” – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  I guess I had always felt like I had some kind of higher power, yet was never quite sure what it was or where some of my sixth sense sensations were coming from. I really could not have picked a more suitable book. 

On that note, if you do not own a copy of this book, go buy it immediately!

The second book I moved onto was The Intention Experiment By Lynne McTaggart.  It actually came up in my “suggested titles” list after I bought and rated the Secret.  After I read these two books, which somehow seemed to be the perfect combination to my produce my “aha” moment, I was given the confidence and scientific evidence to back by growing theory about myself.   I decided to try it out.  

I had tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band in June of this year. It was my first time sitting front row and they are the only group I have been following for over 10 years- I was stoked. The week of the concert, I had a difficult and emotionally charged Monday. It was raining, I was severely late for work, and I had just had another horrendous fight with husband. I sat in my car and cried as I called my best friend.   I told him that I was going to meet Dave Matthews Band. I wanted it more than anything.

The next day I was invited out to the bar with some friends.  Ok, not really friends, more like “my bartender and her friends”.  You have to remember, I was at a functioning-alcoholic level at this point and I considered my bartenders to be my friends.  Anyway, they brought someone I had never met before and we got to chatting while enjoying the bar scene at one of the local casinos.  At some point during the night, I had declared to them that I was going to meet DMB, proudly and confidently.  This person, who was a stranger to me, mentioned that knew someone who owned space in the hotel where the band was staying that upcoming weekend.  He gave me the name and number of this friend with the insider info, and I called my concert companion the next day to tell her.  Not only was she on-board with getting a hotel room, but she obtained it for free with her travel points!

So fast-forwarding a little here, the concert was beyond amazing.  Standing up at the stage was an out-of-body experience all of it’s own.  We back to the hotel that night and I went out for a drink when she went to bed, as I was too hyped up to sleep.   About an hour later, this guy sits down next to me at the bar.  I am still soaking wet from standing in the rain for so long, with running makeup and yoga pants with hiking shoes on!  I was definitely not looking to attract any positive attention and was surprised by his pleasantness toward me.   Turns out, for some reason, I did not recognize the trumpet player whom I had been watching all night!  By 11 o’clock, the entire band was in the bar, along with their two dozen groupies.  I manifested this unique and rare experience simply by deciding it to be so and putting my thoughts and intentions in the right place. Image

And that was the night that I met with Dave Matthews Band.  One week later, I left for Hawaii, where my experiences continued to evolve, thoughts began to manifest, and my perception/observations grew more bizarre (for lack of a better word) and synchronistic by the day.